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Enthusiast Switch Tester R4
Enthusiast Switch Tester R4
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    Curated 5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester


      After a long wait, it's finally live! 👀

      This includes the acrylic base, the switches listed below, clear OEM printed keycaps, and an information sheet.


      If you find that a switch still does not sit well in a certain spot on the tester, we recommend moving switches around, or applying an additional small piece of tape to the side of the cutout.


      Please note, it is intended that switches are easily removed. This is so that you can freely customize the tester with your own layout or switches.


       Switch Name
      Classification Weight
      C3 Equalz Tangerine
      Linear 67g
      Alpaca Linear Linear 62g
      Silent Alpaca Linear Silent Linear 62g
      NovelKeys Cream Linear 70g
      ThicThock Marshmallow Linear 68g
      Gateron Ink Black V2 Linear 80g
      Gateron Ink Silent Silent Linear 80g
      Kinetic Labs Hippo
      Linear 63.5g
      Zeal Roselio V2 Silent Linear 67g
      Gazzew Bobagum Silent Linear 68g
      Kinetic Labs Penguin
      Tactile 67g
      C3 Equalz Kiwi Tactile 67g
      T1 Tactile Tactile 67g
      NovelKeys Blueberry Tactile 80g
      NovelKeys BOX Royal Tactile 70g
      Zeal Zealio V2 Tactile 67g
      Keebwerk Bushi
      Silent Tactile 62g
      KBDfans Aliaz Silent Tactile 70g
      Invyr Holy Panda Tactile 67g
      Glorious Panda Tactile 67g
      Gazzew U4 Boba Silent Tactile 62g
      NovelKeys Sherbet Clicky 70g
      NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Pale Blue Clicky 80g
      NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Pink Clicky 55g
      NovelKeys x Kailh BOX Jade Clicky 60g