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Last update: 9/7/2020

Clicky switches are the loudest of the bunch, and feature both tactile and audible feedback on actuation. Similar to tactile switches, clicky switches can range in both tactility and sound from barely tactile and moderately loud (BOX Pale Blue), to extremely tactile and extremely loud (BOX Navy).

I do not suggest lubing clicky switches - doing so can jeopardize the click.


Kailh BOX White, BOX Pale Blue

  • Kailh's BOX series clicky switches feature a "click-bar" that produces the sound and tactility for the switch. The click-bar measures at about 0.25mm thick.
  • BOX Whites were the first click-bar switch by Kailh, and were followed by the Pale Blues featuring a slightly heavier spring.
  • While Whites and Pale Blues have a more pronounced and "sharper" click sound, they lack some of the tactility I'd prefer out of a clicky switch.

Kailh BOX Jade, BOX Navy

  • BOX Jades and Navy's are Novelkeys' iteration on the BOX Whites and Pale Blues, featuring a thicker click-bar (roughly 0.05mm thicker, at about 0.30mm).
  • The thicker click-bar results in a significantly more tactile switch, likely one of (if not the most) tactile switches on the market.
  • While Jades feature the weight of the BOX White with the thicker click-bar, Navies feature the heavier spring of the BOX Pale Blue in addition to the thicker click-bar.
  • Not only are these possibly the most tactile switches on the market, they are undoubtedly the loudest switches available.

Kailh BOX Pink

  • BOX Pinks are the most recent iteration of the BOX clicky switches, and feature a middle-thickness click-bar (at around 0.27mm).
  • In serving as the middle ground to White/Pale Blues and Jade/Navies, Pinks also feature a spring weighted somewhere in-between the White/Jades and Pale Blue/Navies.
  • Despite being a true middle ground between the two groups of BOX clicky switches, BOX Pinks seem to be the quietest of the bunch.

NovelKeys Sherbet

  • The only (as far as I know) MX style switch featuring a click-bar.
  • Sherbets are significantly quieter than their BOX counterparts, but have a much cleaner click sound than typical click-jacket switches.
  • More tactile than BOX Whites, but not close to Jades.
  • Sherbets have a high amount of pretravel, that I personally find off-putting.


Outemu Phoenix

  • Outemu Phoenix are a clicky inspired by the Aristotle clicky switch, featuring a click-jacket that guides through the side-rails of the stem.
  • Compared to the "cleanness" of switch bar clicky switches, the Aristotle-inspired click jacket produces an unfortunately rattly sounding, mid tactility switch.