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Last Updated: 10/2/2020

Frankenswitches combine the parts of two or more switches into one. While the most famous frankenswitch is undoubtedly the Holy Panda (which we've listed both here and in the tactile switch section, due to its popularity), there are a lot of different staples in the community. We've sorted and described the variety we've tried below:



  • Combines C3 Equalz Tangerine housing and a Novelkeys Cream stem.
  • While the reverse is a viable option as well, the more popular variant is the combination above.
  • The Cream stem is significantly longer stem than the Tangerine stem, so combining the two significantly reduces the switch's travel time.
  • Decreased travel time also increases the frequency/intensity of bottom outs, but the Cream stem contributes to a significantly deeper and thockier sounding switch than stock Tangerines.
  • Like with most linear switches, I recommend Krytox 205g0 for lubing.

MX Zilents

  • Not to be confused with Zeal's silent tactile switch of a similar name, this frankenswitch combines Cherry Silent stem and Zealios housing.
  • When lubed, MX Zilents compete with Roselios in terms of smoothness, while also being quieter and having a softer bottom out.
  • Krytox 205g0 is my recommendation for lubing. If cost isn't an issue, I would also recommend spring swapping to a 3rd party spring (TX Springs, for example), as Zeal switch springs tend to have significant "crunch".


Blueberry + T1

  • Combines NovelKeys Blueberry stem and PrimeKB (Durock/JWK) T1 housing.
  • wish this switch worked better than it does. Before doing extra modding, the switch suffers from semi-frequent sticking on the bottom out. Because of this, it requires significant modding to get it into a more viable state.
  • For the add-on pack, I spring swapped to a heavier spring (70g TX spring), and lubed the stem's legs (I otherwise do not lube the stem's legs on tactile switches). These modifications got the switch into a significantly more viable state, with much less frequent bottom out "sticks".
  • Despite the modifications I made (that would typically kill most a switches tactility), this switch is likely the most tactile switch I've tried.
  • As mentioned above, this switch requires heavy modification to be viable. Lubing with a thicker lube (Krytox 205g0) seems necessary, in addition to spring swapping to a heavier spring.

Holy Panda

  • The infamous Holy Panda is the community's most mainstream and controversial frankenswitch.
  • A combination of a Halo Stem and Invyr Panda housing, this switch is known for its strong but rounded tactility and satisfying bottom out sound.
  • Though the Panda takes any of the primary lubes well, my preference is Tribosys 3203, to maintain the tactile profile.


  • Combines a Zealios V2 stem and Invyr Panda housing.
  • Significantly thockier sounding (and ultimately better sounding, in my opinion) than Zealios.
  • More tactile than normal Holy Pandas, but less so than stock Zealios.
  • These seem to be a perfect middle ground between Zealios and Holy Pandas, more so than Zykos (which are more similar to Holy Pandas, in my opinion).
  • My preference is lubing with Tribosys 3204.


  • Another Panda/Zealios V2 mashup, Zykos use: Zealios V2 bottom housing and spring, Invyr Panda top housing, and a Halo stem.
  • Similar in sound to Holy Pandas, but marginally higher pitched.
  • While the tactile profile is more similar to that of a Holy Panda, the actuation is significantly firmer due to the Zealios bottom housing’s metal contact. Rounder, but stiffer profile relative to the Pandelios.
  • My recommendation is lubing with Tribosys 3204.