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Last update: 9/7/2020

Tactile switches have a "bump" on each keystroke, indicative of the switch's actuation. This bump is what tends  to differentiate switches: some switches have near-imperceptible tactile bumps (MX Browns) while others have high-tactility (Zealios V2). Depending on the switch, tactile switches can range from barely audible to relatively loud.


KBDfans Aliaz (Silent)

  • Aliaz are an extremely low tactility, silent switch. Aliaz border being a linear switch, with tactility comparable to that of a MX Brown.
  • If you intend on lubing them, I recommend an extremely light coating of Tribosys 3203 (anything else would likely threaten the already miniscule tactility).

Zeal Zilent V2, Aqua Zilents (Silent)

  • Zilents are the silent variant of Zeal's Zealios switch.
  • Aqua Zilents are a blue variant of the Zilent V2, with slightly modified bottom housing for increased smoothness.
  • Being the muted version of Zealios, these seem to be the most tactile silent switch on the market.
  • Given their stock silence and smoothness, Zilents benefit most from Tribosys 3203.

Zeal Zealios V2

  • One of, if not the most tactile stock switch available on the market.
  • Known for having an extremely sharp and immediate tactility event, with little pre-travel.
  • Lube preference comes down to tactility preference: if you prefer more tactility but a potentially louder sound profile, go Tribosys 3203 (this is my preference). If you prefer less tactility, but smoother switches and a dampened sound profile go Krytox 205g0.


C3 Equalz Dragonfruit

  • C3's newest tactile switch, featuring a mid-tactility JWK stem. Stem tactility is meant to be similar to that of an Ergo (Cherry) Clear.
  • Dragonfruit's initial announcement detailed it as a Progressive Rate linear, but after facing consistency issues in production, C3 pivoted to a Tactile Switch.
  • Similar housing to the Kiwi (slightly modified standard JWK housing), with a relatively clacky upstroke.
  • Unlike Kiwi, however, Dragonfruit suffer from a pretty high degree of stem wobble. This is likely due to the modifications made to the stem.
  • Lubing recommendation is Tribosys 3204, to maintain some of the moderate tactility.

C3 Equalz Kiwi

  • C3's new tactile switch, featuring a T1 stem. The housing is seemingly based on the T1 housing by Durock as well, with some minor modifications.
  • They are, in my opinion, identical to T1's when not lubed. Lubing exacerbates the differences, especially sound - Kiwis are deeper/thockier sounding.
  • Lubing preference is Krytox 205g0, as it dampens the sound significantly and further 'rounds out' the tactility. If you prefer higher tactility I would suggest Tribosys 3204.

Everglide Dark Jade Black (Everglide Moyu)

  • Everglide's tactile switch, manufactured by JWK.
  • This switch is an attempted clone of the Holy Panda, with a slightly longer stem.
  • The longer stem contributes to its louder, higher pitched sound.
  • Similar to the Holy Panda, I'd recommend Tribosys 3203 for tactility retention.

PrimeKB T1 Tactile

  • Durock/JWK's tactile switch - this switch has been recolored a lot.
  • High (but relatively rounded) tactility with little pretravel.
  • Lubing preference is Krytox 205g0, for similar reasons to the C3 Tangerine

Keebwork Tacit (Silent)

  • A silent version of the T1 by Keebwork.
  • Same tactile profile as the T1, except quiet!
  • Lubing suggestion is Tribosys 3204, since sound dampening isn't as necessary and I'd prefer to maintain tactility. If your preference is less tactility, go with Krytox 205g0.


Holy Panda

  • The infamous Holy Panda is the community's most mainstream and controversial frankenswitch.
  • A combination of a Halo Stem and Invyr Panda housing, this switch is known for its strong but rounded tactility and satisfying bottom out sound.
  • Though the Panda takes any of the primary lubes well, my preference is Tribosys 3203, to maintain the tactile profile.


    Kailh BOX Royal

    • Kailh BOX Royal is Novelkeys' take on the BOX series, featuring a redesigned stem.
    • This is the most tactile non-clicky BOX series switch.
    • Given the stock smoothness of BOX switches (and how difficult they are to lube), I recommend only lubing the spring. If you intend on lubing the stem, I would only very lightly lube with Tribosys 3203.

    NovelKeys Blueberry

    • The NK Blueberry is Novelkeys' newest switch to feature the cream Kailh housing.
    • Higher tactility, but with a rounder bump. The longer stem contributes to a pleasant bottom out sound.
    • Some users report a "double bump", but at normal typing speeds I do not notice this.
    • Trybosis 3204 is my preference, to help with both smoothness and sound.


      Gazzew U4 Boba (Silent)

      gazzew boba

      • Gazzew's newer silent tactile switch.
      • Sharp, immediate tactility (akin to Zealios). Similar to Sky Silents, they are also particularly quiet, moreso than most other silent tactiles.
      • Great for frankenswitches, in particular, Holy Bobas (halo clear/true stem + boba housing).
      • Lubing recommendation is Tribosys 3204, or Krytox 205g0 (3204 for more tactility but less dampening/smoothness, 205g0 for less tactility but more dampening/smoothness).

      Gazzew U4 Thock

      • Non-tactile variant of the Boba, featuring the same housing but a slightly longer stem.
      • Similar to the Boba, has an immediate, sharp tactility.
      • Longer stem contributes to a louder, thockier bottom out. Ultimately a lot "cleaner" of a sound relative to something like Zealios (at least in my opinion).
      • Lubing recommendation is Tribosys 3204, or Krytox 205g0 (3204 for more tactility but less dampening/smoothness, 205g0 for less tactility but more dampening/smoothness).

      Outemu Sky Silent (Silent)

      • Outemu's silent tactile switch, designed by Gazzew.
      • Though they are particularly quiet, moreso than other silent tactile switches, they are also particularly scratchy stock.
      • Though they are very tactile, they have a significant amount of pretravel that makes them feel more mid-tactility.
      • Lubing recommendation is Tribosys 3204, or Krytox 205g0 (for less scratchiness but less tactility).


      Glorious Panda

      • Glorious' Panda clone, briefly known as "Glorious Holy Panda".
      • I could probably write pages of the history and drama surrounding this switch, but, to be brief:
      • Glorious made this switch claiming to have found and purchased the original Invyr Panda housing molds, which had previously thought to have been destroyed/lost. The housing (in theory), should be 100% identical to the original Panda housing (due to using the same molds).
      • Glorious designed their own Panda stem.
      • Glorious initially sought to copyright the "Holy Panda" name for the switch, but after severe community backlash, they pulled the copyright claims and renamed the switch to "Glorious Panda".
      • The Glorious Panda has a marginally rounder tactility vs. Drop's Holy Panda, and a slightly deeper pitch.
      • TopClack's Quakemz, has stated that he thinks that the Glorious Panda is the best iteration of the "Holy Panda".
      • Lubing recommendation is Tribosys 3204, to maintain some of the super rounded out tactility.