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5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester - Kimdi Keys
5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester - Kimdi Keys
5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester - Kimdi Keys
5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester - Kimdi Keys
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    5x5 Enthusiast Switch Tester R2


      This tester includes a 5x5 acrylic base, 25 unique switches, 25 labeled keycaps, and an information sheet. The switches included are:


      • 1 x C3 Tangerine (67g)
      • 1 x NovelKeys Cream
      • 1 x Alpaca Linear
      • 1 x Silent Alpaca Linear
      • 1 x Tealios V2
      • 1 x Rosélios (67g)
      • 1 x Gateron Ink Black V2
      • 1 x Gateron Silent Ink V2
      • 1 x Thic Thock Marshmallow
      • 1 x NOS Vintage Cherry Black (cherry-picked new-old stock from pre-1994, we've attempted to break these in as much as possible)


      • 1 x Drop Holy Panda
      • 1 x Zealios V2 (67g)
      • 1 x Aqua Zilent (67g)
      • 1 x NovelKeys Blueberry
      • 1 x T1 Tactile (67g)
      • 1 x Kailh BOX Royal
      • 1 x KBDfans Aliaz (70g)
      • 1 x Outemu Silent Sky (68g)
      • 1 x Everglide Dark Jade Black
      • 1 x Keebworks Tacit
      • 1 x C3 Kiwi


      • 1 x Kailh BOX Jade
      • 1 x Outemu Phoenix (68g)
      • 1 x Kailh BOX Pink
      • 1 x NovelKeys Sherbet


      You have the choice to get this tester Stock (we have not altered the switches in anyway) or Lubed (we have lubed a majority of the switches according to our preference). The included information sheet details what each switch was lubed with.


      Frankenswitch Pack Add-On: A pack of 5 Frankenswitches, detailed below:

      • Pandelios - Zealios V2 stem in Invyr Panda housing
      • MX Zilent - Cherry Silent stem in Zeal housing
      • Creamsicle - NovelKeys Cream stem in C3 Tangerine sousing
      • Zykos - Zealios V2 bottom housing and spring, Invyr Panda top housing, Halo True stem
      • Blueberry + T1 - NovelKeys Blueberry stem in T1 housing (additionally spring swapped to 70g TX springs, since the switch has issues sticking at the bottom of the press).


      Can I purchase multiple testers?

      • Yes! At this time, we're confident that we have enough stock to go around, even if you buy multiple.
      Plans for future rounds?
      • Yes! We’ve established some better channels for getting everything handled, so we’re definitely looking at a future round.